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Development Concept


What do you understand by the concept of development? Discuss the characteristics of underdevelopment in developing countries.

Ans:- Development implies on overall positive change in the physical quality of life. This positive change for the better encompasses economic as well as social aspects. Therefore, development not only calls for economic growth but also the equitable distribution of the gains made from economic growth. In other words, development implies growth with justice. It means an improvement in the quality of life through better health, education, housing and overall material and social welfare. The basic elements of development are the following:

(i) Removal of inequality and poverty;
(ii) Increase in material welfare of the people;
(iii) Increase in social well-being (education, health, housing, etc.);
(iv) An equitable distribution of the gains of development among different groups of people in a region or country;
(v) An enhancement in technology and the capacity to produce a wider range of goods and services in the economy leading to a better quality of life;
(vi) Building institutional structures which permit participation in decision-making at all levels, equalization of opportunities for development and removal of disparities.


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