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Epicotyl Mango Grafting


Epicotyl Grafting :

Epicotyl grafting : It is same as the grafting in terms of methodology, only that in this case the of 15 to 20 days old seedlings are used as root stock for grafting.

Technique of mango epicotyl grafting:

1. Mango stones of any variety preferable bigger size are dibbled in the raised bed of 1.5 mt x 10 mt at a spacing of 3 inch x 3 inch.

2. Stones are dibbled vertically rather than traditional horizontally for convenience during uprooting and transplanting the mango grafts to the polythene.

3. When the mango seedlings are attained 15 to 20 days old, (still in reddish,Bronzy, coppery or greenish red colour and having stone kernel left with some food and nutrient supplement for getting quick joint in the grafts) these are uprooted carefully with stone and root undamaged. The roots and stones are dipped in 0.1 percent bavistin solution for five minutes after washing the soil.

4. These are cut at a ht of 5-6 inch and splited longitudinally to accommodate the mother scion(the twigs of desired verity)

5. Mother scions of about 8 inch as collected from the desired mother plant are then given two slanting cut opposite to each other at the base to give a wedge shape. The mother scion used for this purpose should be defoliated 7-10 days prior to the grafting (scion twigs still attached to mother plant) so as to get a plumpy/swelled terminal bud.

6. These cut scions are then inserted in the splitted root stock carefully and tied by the grafting polythene tape keeping about 6 inch of scion part above the joint.

7. To maintain the smoothness at the joints (mismatch due to the difference in the diameter of stock and scion) and greater success of grafts, one side of the joints is smoothened by matching the stock and scion surface before tying the tape.

8. These stock-scion grafts are then transplanted into the black polybags of size 7 x 9 sq inch and filled by the soil mixture (prepared earlier as in case of normal nursery) firmly.

9. These are then nurtured in controlled condition without exposing to direct sunlight and rain for about one month till the joints are successful. Then these are exposed to open area for vigour growth.

10. Most suitable time for grafting : June 15- July 15 (Under Indian Condition) giving more than 90% success.

11. Plantation in main field is done on the onset of next rainy season when the grafts have attained 3 feet ht and of 10-12 months old.


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