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People say in this modern timeInformation is a powerful weapon’ but I would add that information is such a weapon which can bring smile on anybody’s face, it can change a human mind, thought and even body! It has happened in one girl’s life, named Kiabati Jadia of Digiribandha village.

In the month of September, 2014 with the support from Gram Vikas, Bafla project about 15 farmers came to an exposure visit to our Harsha Trust, Bissamcuttack project villages. The main objective of the exposure was to see the Wadi(Fruit Orchard) and vegetable intervention. From Gram Vikas, Bighneswar Panda, Senior Supervisor was accompanying the team. During the field visit the team visited Wadi (mango & cashew) field, inter cropping in wadi field, vegetable cultivation through trellis and vegetable cultivation through drip irrigation system. During the evening session with the farmer a small interaction session was organized at Harsha Trust Training hall premises and from Harsha Trust, as team leader I too was presiding the session. While they were there, farmers and Gram Vikas staff appreciated good interventions implemented by us.

While some people may skeptically believe that exposure means merry making and only a picnic visit to some of the places but this is not true because exposure can also trigger change in human mind, thinking and inspire one to be a good human being. As it turned out, one farmer Dhanapati Jadia father of Kaibati was one of the landless farmers of the village under Gopinathpur G.P of Thuamul Rampur block of Kalahandi district, who had come as part of exposure team. He is father of two more sons and his old parents also stay with him.

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Kiabati Jadia Before Cleft Operation

Kiabati Jadia After Cleft Operation

During this Gram Vikas Bafla Team field visit and small interaction, Dhanapati came to know that Harsha Trust also facilitates the surgical operation for cleft lip patients by seeing some of the photographs stapled in the photo gallery in office. He felt very curious and interested to know how Harsha Trust is supporting the work. He was so interested because his daughter was suffering from that same congenial deformity. At that time he took my contact number then after one month I called Gram Vikas to know about his well being. Through series of engagements one day was fixed for the surgical operation on his daughter at Jharsuguda TRLK Hospital.

Now ……… months after the operation her daughter feels very confident about herself as beautiful smile is back on her face. Those who used to tease her during the school, during bath and social functions now feel guilty of their actions. Series of visitors including neighbors and distant relatives now come to see her face and appreciate the initiative taken by Harsha Trust.

 She emotionally replied that, “Harsha Trust and Gram Vikas staff gifted me a new life and I will never forget their contribution to me and my family” as she saw all people around her appreciating her smile. Now her father and mother, Sunamani Jadia, express their gratitude because they can marry their daughter to anybody without fear, hesitation or shame. As a result of that Dhanapati Jadia now wants the smile back on more faces in his area. He wants to help those who have similar congenial condition in their life causing shame and loss of confidence. Thus, I believe a simple exposure can also change a life of anyone, when one can access right information and guidance.

Harsha Trust not only does Wadi and livelihood promotion, but also does a lot of work which is not ‘visible’ or could not be assessed in terms of physical or financial impact. Some achievements should be measured by humane aspect as well. Nowadays almost all Civil Society Organisations do the work for the down trodden people, for the improvement of their education system, their financial condition and health status. It is highly essential and they rightly do it, but on the other hand I feel, we often forget how some little support to most vulnerable people would have greater impact in their lives. This happened with Kiabati, daughter of Dhanapati and this is happening with lots of other whom we care for. Rarely, there are organizations like Harsha Trust who realize that bringing smile to faces is as important in the well being of the poor by assisting those who are suffering from congenial deformity called cleft lip.

By : Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Team Leader at Bissam Cuttak, Harsha Trust 


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